MGT Europe, founded in 1996 and with over 30 years of experience, is a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of anti-drone jammers systems, handheld radios, electronic surveillance, and jamming products, as well as covert, specialised, bespoke surveillance and counter-surveillance equipment, with a wide and customisable product range, designed for:

➤ Industrial;

➤ Commercial;

➤ Security;

➤ Governments and Militaries worldwide;

➤ Emergency Service Applications.


Our portfolio includes:

Full Range of Bespoke Digital Audio and Video Counter-Surveillance Equipment, including RF Jammers and a sophisticated Anti-Drone Turnkey System;

Miniaturised industry-leading surveillance equipment;

Analogue and Digital Audio and Video Transmitters and Receivers;

GSM Interception and Collection;

Covert Audio and Listening Devices;

Surveillance Equipment;

NATO Standard Manufacturing Facilities.


We provide comprehensive and confidential consultation services to all of our clients.


Our products are designed and built for ease of use, carefully tested to ensure field reliability, and backed by a 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee.


Training is available for all of our solutions.


Vehicle equipment installation service available.


We are experts in covert solutions.


For more information, contact us.