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MGT GHOST SYSTEM | Digital Audio Transmission System


MGT GHOST SYSTEM is a NEW TINY digital audio transmission system. The system is designed to transmit the voice in stereo mode with high quality and digital encoding.





Tiny size of the transmitter;

Crypto digital transmission;

Audio stereo 44.1Khz;

The high sensitivity of the microphones;

Hidden and programmable “ID-Key”;

Very low current consumption (40mA-Tx).



Ideal for body-worn and hidden installationswith external battery;

Standard indoor surveillance audio operations with the external micro power supply 110-220Vac;

The built-in battery in the GHOST-R allows up to 3,5 hours of autonomy.


✔︎ It transmits by radio the audio picked up by two microphones with very high quality.

✔︎ The wireless system is completely hidden and protected by a unique ID and cannot be intercepted.

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