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MGT ST-500 PIRANHA | Multifunctional Detection Device


it is designed to DETECT various types of ACTIVE EAVESDROPPING DEVICES, which transmit information using radio channel, wires and infrared channel




Detection and localization of radio transmitting eavesdropping devices;

Identification of digital protocols of detected radio signals: GSM, CDMA, Bluetooth, LTE, Wi-Fi;

Identification of base station signals and mobile digital communication devices;

Detection and localization of active wired eavesdropping devices;

Activation of electret cable microphones by applying bias voltage in-line;

Detection and localization of eavesdropping devices, which are transmitting information in the infrared range;


✔︎ The MGT ST-500 PIRANHA allows analyzing detected signals in spectrum analyzer and oscilloscope modes.

✔︎ The interface of the device is simple and intuitively clear.

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