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MGT OPTIC-2 | Professional Hidden Camera Detector


The purpose of MGT OPTIC-2 is the SEARCH and LOCALIZATION of HIDDEN, CAMOUFLAGED CAMERAS (including the lens type “pinhole”), REGARDLESS their condition and the type of transmission or recording of the video signal.




Binocular allows for a better inspection of the object;

Less operator fatigue compared to monoculars (as where is no need to close one eye);

Green backlight gives you opportunities to find video cameras protected by special bandpass filters used to counteract all detectors using only red backlight;

Built-in battery allows you not to care about the batteries;

6.5-fold magnification lets you to examine in detail the smallest and most inaccessible elements of the interior;


✔︎ Detector MGT OPTIC-2 is safe for short-term direct illumination of the eyes. No laser radiation is used.

✔︎ Design features: it is made in the form of binoculars in a rubberized metal case.


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