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MGT DroneTERMINATOR | Anti-Drone UAV Jammer System


The MGT DroneTERMINATOR Anti-Drone UAV Jammer System has been developed to detect and defeat any type of unmanned aerial vehicle, ranging from micro-drones to large UAVs.


The MGT Anti-Drone UAV Jammer System is capable of taking control of any UAV and it will either:

➤ Force the UAV to return to home;

➤ Force the UAV to land in a safe area;

➤ Force the UAV to crash.


MGT DroneTERMINATOR utilizes X-Band all-weather Radar system, for detecting small form-factor targets, 2Watt, 1GHz Bandwidth, Long-Range Radar System to detect UAVs at a distance of up to 6 kilometres, with Micro-Drones commonly identified at a range of 1-2 kilometres realistically.

The jamming system inhibits the radio frequencies used to remotely operate drones, allowing UAVs to be intercepted. When a target is detected, the imaging payload certifies the presence of a threat, both visually and thermally (heat signature). The system then disables communications by exploiting the RF control signal between the UAV and the operator.


Furthermore, MGT DroneTERMINATOR disables the frequency bands of Global Satellite Navigation Systems (GSNS), which are frequently used by drones in auto-pilot. This disables the UAV’s entire guidance system, effectively eliminating its threat potential.


A Pelco-D communication protocol is used to process the data between the long-range radar system and the payload platform.


The mitigation function of the system is provided by RF Jammers.


☞ The FCC and other European licensing bodies have yet to approve the use of jammers in the United States.


☞ For maximum effectiveness, the system requires line-of-sight to the target areas.