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MGT-964 | Microphone Noise Generator


MGT-964 is designed to suppress, fully or partially, useful sound signals used to eavesdrop on conversations by means of portable or stationary recorders, various sophisticated spying devices, and external microphones.





Constant power of ultrasonic noise;

Maximum number of connected emitters – 192 pieces, when four main units are connected;

Use of different types of emitters camouflaged as: ceiling speaker system, tube, audio speaker etc.;

Four types of ultrasonic noise (hereinafter – USN) selected by the user based on operation conditions;

Possibility to emit human voice-like noise into loudspeakers, various acoustic emitters, piezoelectric and electromagnetic  vibro-acoustical emitters;

Low Frequency Amplifier gains control in each channel;

Over-voltage and under-voltage protection in power supply fluctuation;

Protection of ultrasonic noise output by displaying fault message in LED indicator for each channel;

Built-in power supply with regulated voltage (12V, 1A) to power auxiliary equipment;

‘Open collector’ output type to control auxiliary equipment;



Increase the number of connected ultrasonic emitters up to 192 pieces;

Increase the power and number of connected acoustic and vibro-acoustic emitters to the outputs of LFA #1 and LFA #2;


✔︎ Device architecture is designed to allow activation up to four main units concurrently.

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