MGT Europe - MGT PIXEL NANO 3G - GSM Audio Transmitter

MGT Europe – GSM Audio Transmitter

MGT Europe – MGT PIXEL NANO 3G GSM Audio Transmitter: The MGT-PIXEL-NANO-3G is a new listening audio system finally available on the modern 3G networks-GSM.

The MGT-PIXEL-NANO-3G is developed for listening audio from rooms, offices, and vehicles thanks to the mini-external PSU with the AC input power (110-220Vac), with a simple call from a telephone or smartphone.

The unit is also available with a tiny GPS antenna inside, for tracking via SMS.

Little dimensions with module core that works also on 3G networks GSM. Of course, the module works perfectly also with only 2G network GSM.

The module can be hidden also in some appliances.

The system is in use in the major international intelligence services and it works stand-alone thanks to an inside battery Li-ion.

The DSP onboard makes the audio quality very clear.

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