MGT Europe - MGT Micro-Audio Safelock - Digital AV Encryption Units

MGT Europe – Digital AV Encryption Units

MGT Europe – MGT Micro-Audio Safelock – Digital AV Encryption Units is an ultra-compact version of Safelock/Audio-Safelock, the leading video & audio encryption system for securing law enforcement microwave video surveillance links from interception.

Micro-Audio Safelock consists of a package of only 67 x 54 x 9.5 mm (or a PCB of 50 x 40 mm).

It has been designed for highly covert applications, such as body-worn video surveillance, or for integration within video transmission equipment.

Even though it is such a small package, Micro-Audio Safelock retains the all the key features that have made the standard system so successful.

These include digital audio encryption, via embedded data within the video, coupled with dynamic line cut and rotate video scrambling.

Micro-Audio Safelock is fully compatible with the standard Safelock/Audio-Safelock units and may be used interchangeably.

It is even possible to download secondary keys, together with other configuration data, via the system’s serial port. Micro-Audio Safelock ensures that even the most covert of surveillance links are safe and sound.

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