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MGT Europe – MGT Europe – MGT-GL13 Digital Audio Transmitter System

The MGT Europe – MGT Europe – The MGT-GL13 , is a new tiny digital audio transmission system. The system is designed to transmit the voice with high-quality and digital encoding. The high quality and high power of the transmitter are the new great revolution in the intelligence’s world.
The system is composed of the transmitter MGT-GL13-T and the receiver MGT-GL13-R.

The MGT-GL13 has been designed and developed in order to finally transmit by radio the audio picked up by the microphone with a very high quality.

The wireless system is completely hidden and protected by a unique ID and cannot be intercepted.

The loss of the MGT-GL13-T, is not a problem, since the “ID” is replicable in our office.

The small sizes of MGT-GL13-T make the installation quick and safe even in many objects.

A range of accessories completes the system and makes it usable in most covert intelligence operations.

In the case of specific requests is possible to use directive antennas.

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