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MGT Europe – MGT DroneTERMINATOR Anti-Drone UAV Jammer System

MGT Europe – MGT DroneTERMINATOR Anti-Drone UAV Jammer System:

The Anti-Drone UAV Jammer System MGT DroneTERMINATOR has been developed to detect and defeat any kind of unmanned aerial vehicle, from micro-drones to large UAVs.

DroneTERMINATOR utilizes RADAR on the Ku Band, or expand radar system, which has a higher probability of detecting small form-factor targets, 2 Watt, 1 GHz bandwidth Long-Range Radar System to detect UAVs at a distance of up to 6 km, with micro-drones typically detected at 1-2 km realistically. UAV interdiction is accomplished via a jamming system, which blocks the radio frequencies used to control drones remotely. Once a target is detected, the imaging payloads, both visual and thermal (heat signature), will confirm if there is a threat. The system then exploits the RF control signal between the UAV and the operator to disable communications.

Additionally, DroneTERMINATOR also blocks the frequency bands of Global Satellite Navigation Systems (GSNS), which is often used by drones operating in auto-pilot. This disables all guidance of the UAV, eliminating its threat potential.

The processing algorithm is a communication protocol, Pelco D, which occurs between the long-range radar system and
the payload platform.

The system relies upon RF Jammers for the mitigation function.

The FCC and other European licensing, has yet to approve the use of Jammers here in the U.S. The system is dependent upon line-of-sight to the target areas for optimal effectiveness.

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