MGT Europe - MGT DroneRANGER - Radar Detection & RF Jamming

MGT Europe – Radar Detection & RF Jamming

MGT Europe’s Radar Detection & RF Jamming, DroneRANGER, in collaboration with our U.S. representative Van Cleve & Associates, Inc. (Alexandria – USA), won the MITRE C-UAS Challenge, Counter-Drone System.

DroneRANGER – was awarded top performer in two of three categories, including Best End to End System and Best Detection and Determination System.

Despite that drones were flown by autopilot (GPS) and a GPS jamming interdiction, due to U.S. FCC rules, DroneRANGER reached the best over-all performance.

Among the initial 42 applicants and competing finalists, was the prestigious American Defense Company, Lockheed Martin.

The Radar Detection & RF Jamming DroneRANGER, has been designed by MGT Europe (London РUK)  and manufactured by V.T.E. s.r.l. (Varese РItaly).

Check out the MITRE press release


Detection, tracking, and neutralisation of unmanned vehicles / drones.
The radar system detects micro-drones up to ranges of 2 km. The jamming system inhibits any remote control frequency used by drones as well as the GSNS (Global Satellite Navigation System) used by drones to fly by autopilot.



  • Protection of critical infrastructures such as government buildings, nuclear power plants etc.
  • Protection of air traffic at airports.
  • Protection against weapon, drugs and mobile phone smuggling into open space areas of prisons.
  • Border protection against smuggling.



Radar detection, Radio Frequency / GSNS signal inhibition.

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