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MGT Europe – Anti-Drone UAV Jammer System

MGT Europe’s Anti-Drone UAV Jammer System, DroneRANGER, in collaboration with our U.S. representative Van Cleve & Associates, Inc. (Alexandria – USA), won the MITRE C-UAS Challenge, Counter-Drone System.

DroneRANGER – was awarded top performer in two of three categories, including Best End to End System and Best Detection and Determination System.

Despite that drones were flown by autopilot (GPS) and a GPS jamming interdiction, due to U.S. FCC rules, DroneRANGER reached the best over-all performance.

Among the initial 42 applicants and competing finalists, was the prestigious American Defense Company, Lockheed Martin.

The Anti-Drone UAV Jammer System DroneRANGER, has been designed by MGT Europe (London РUK)  and manufactured by V.T.E. s.r.l. (Varese РItaly).

Check out the MITRE press release


Detection, tracking, and neutralisation of unmanned vehicles / drones.
The radar system detects micro-drones up to ranges of 2 km. The jamming system inhibits any remote control frequency used by drones as well as the GSNS (Global Satellite Navigation System) used by drones to fly by autopilot.



  • Protection of critical infrastructures such as government buildings, nuclear power plants etc.
  • Protection of air traffic at airports.
  • Protection against weapon, drugs and mobile phone smuggling into open space areas of prisons.
  • Border protection against smuggling.



Radar detection, Radio Frequency / GSNS signal inhibition.

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