MGT Europe - MGT-ALPHA-VIII - Digital Burst Audio Transmitter System

MGT Europe – MGT-ALPHA-VIII – Digital Burst Audio Transmitter System

MGT Europe – MGT-ALPHA-VIII – Digital Burst Audio Transmitter System is a radio smart system that enable the user to acquire, monitor and store environmental audio information in a discreet way, keeping as low as possible the probability to be detected by R.F. Scanners by sending acquired information in short R.F. bursts.

The system is composed of a battery powered portable Transmitter (TX), remotely controlled and optimized to reduce power consumption and a desk Receiver(RX) equipped with a wide touchscreen LCD display.

All the transmitter parameters, including audio settings and operational mode are programmable and modifiable by the receiver without manual intervention on the portable transmitter.

All the TX and RX settings may be also remotely controlled by Ethernet.

Network control is provided via embedded web server and any browser compatible device.

On RX any standard USB store device may be used to record the received stream wich, alternatively, may be re-streamed to a remote location over Ethernet.

The signal carrying audio information is encrypted AES-256 to guarantee the security of the connection.

A very high dynamic range of the audio signals accepted by the transmitter ensure audio acquisition in every environmental conditions at best quality.

The system is optimized for voice applications; the audio bandwidth is settled and filtered accordingly (4KHz BW).
24 bits of resolution, aided by a smart and programmable digital AGC control are the keys to maintain a high degree of intelligibility of the acquired audio.

The generated digital audio is processed by OPUS algorithm 24bits @8KHz sample rate in order to maintain the highest audio quality while ensure compatibility with different players.

The TX may be programmed to work on the following Modes of Operation:

    – in Standby, waiting for operation command from RX;

      – on voice activated mode, with the ON threshold programmed from RX;

        – on continuous mode, sending packets at programmed interval one after the other.

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