MGT Europe - 100 mW MGT 123 /500 mW MGT 124 – Pocket/Belt - Analogue Audio Transmitter

MGT Europe – Analogue Audio Transmitter

MGT Europe – MGT 100 mW MGT 123 /500 mW MGT 124 – Pocket / Belt – Analogue Audio Transmitter: differing in output power value MGT 123 and MGT 124 compact analogue audio transmitters are designed in tough metal cases with built-in power supply compartment, power switch, external microphone (70 cm) and flexible external antenna.

Sliding steel frame secured in place by a tiny push latch bears all the components of the product: transmitter module, 2 x AA power supply cells, Power On/Off switch. Steel outer cover provides reliable protection of the product components and instant access to battery holder that is essential for operative applications.

To replace the batteries just push down the latch on the rear panel and slide the frame out.
Take the batteries out of the spring battery holders and install new ones observing polarity.
Slide the frame back into the cover until the latch click. Switch the product and continue your way to the victory.

The transmitter comes with a fabric protective cover fitted for belt wearing.

A combination of reliable operation, high output power, long battery life, and instant battery replacement features make the product indispensable for law enforcement missions.

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